"Back to School" Shopping Portal Bonuses


Four of the major airline shopping portals are running what has become a yearly “back to school” promotion. It’s a great time to get some easy bonus miles, by shopping now for items that you’ve planned to purchase for fall. Use these four portals for your everyday online shopping. If you’re interested in learning more about shopping portals, take a look at our quick guide here. We use them as a way to get extra miles buying things we’d otherwise purchase.

Here’s a quick run what’s available on the portals, with most of the deals good until August 18th, except for Delta's bonus which ends on August 3. See below for the details on each airline's offering.





You could end up with 8,000 bonus miles if you maxed out the promos, these are on top of the miles you are already earning through the portal and also on top of the miles from your credit card. It's a triple dip!

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An Easy and Free 700 American Airlines Miles

American Airlines is running a contest to celebrate 35 years of their AAdvantage program.  Thirty-five lucky people will win 350,000 miles! While your odds of winning are slim, you can earn 700 miles by just entering the contest.

Click through here or the picture above, to enter, and automatically get 350 miles deposited to your account in 6-8 weeks. From there, the site will invite you to post about a trip you are saving up miles for on social media; you can choose to email AAdvantage instead. This second step gets you another 350 miles, and 700 miles is almost 10% of the way to an AA Reduced Mileage free one way flight. Figuring these miles to be worth $0.02 per mile, that's $14 of free travel for 2 minutes of work, it doesn't come easier than this.

The contest officially runs until June 1st, but the terms and conditions for this contest state that there are a finite amount of free miles to be handed out...so enter soon!