The Advantages of AAdvantage…

American Airlines Citi AAdvantage credit card comes with various amenities; we appreciate the enhanced value when booking domestic awards flights to and from, often smaller conveniently located airports near national parks and historic sites using the Reduced Mileage Awards program.

Generally speaking, most domestic AA flights cost at least 12,500 points to redeem for a one-way ticket, but with Reduced Mileage Awards, you can get a 7,500 mile discount on flights that are more than 500 miles in distance, and a 2,000 mile discount on flights 500 miles or less, round trip. This significant savings differs from the Avios redemption system, as you can select connecting flights without penalty or additional expense in miles. Discounts are also available for one-way awards, at half the round trip discount. Consult the AA website for a breakdown of the terms of each type of AAdvantage card, and the specific advantages that accompany each.

Reduced Mileage Awards chart, Bangor ME (BGR) available for May and June.

Reduced Mileage Awards chart, Bangor ME (BGR) available for May and June.


A one way ticket, from Seattle to Bangor (Bangor is on discount for the month of June in 2016) to visit Acadia National Park would be 9,000 AA miles in economy with ownership of select Citi AAdvantage credit cards.

To book there does need to be Saver level available (check via the AA website), discounts are available in both Business and Economy.  
You will need to call in to AA reservations 1-800-882-8880 to make these bookings, though you will not be charged the phone reservations fee.