Parks & Points & Poetry 2018

We are delighted to host our second annual poetry series, in honor of National Poetry Month. Poetry presents an extraordinary lens through which to explore public lands, the outdoors, and our instincts for adventure and self-reflection. We are grateful to our poetry editor, Celeste Hackenberg, and to the many poets who shared their work with us this spring. It is our sincere pleasure to read, and this month we are delighted to present writing by Mary Ardery, KB Ballentine, Emily K. Bright, Amy Elisabeth Davis, Sara Eddy, Laura Davies Foley, Christine Gelineau, Mike Good, Lois Marie Harrod, Duane Herrmann, Lisa Mase, Francis Opila, Scott Parker, Lynette Reini-Grandell, Heidi Seaborn, Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Sravani Singampalli, Debbie Theiss, Marjorie Thomsen, Lisa Timpf, Kerry Trautman, Gene Twaronite, Tyson West, Allyson Whipple, Martin Willits, Jr., and Amelia Williams.

Check back daily, through April 30th, to find new poems posted!

If viewing on your mobile phone, you may wish to rotate your phone to landscape mode to see the works formatted as the poets have intended.

We wish to mention our finalists for this series, as well:

"Asleep Near Admiralty Inlet" by J. Baugher; "Where Artists Nap in L.A." by Charlie Becker
"Invitation" by Laura Cherry; "Ding Darling" by Katie Eber
"Cherry Blossoms" by Kathleen Eberly; "Earth Sanctuary" by Joanne Kennedy Frazier
"A Day with My Sons" by Corinna German; "The Heron" by F.I. Goldhaber
"Cathedral Rock" by Trent Mabey; "Revisiting Joshua Tree National Park" by Carolyn Martin
"Outside of Wendover" by Francis McGill; "Beneath Mr. Conness, Inyo National Forest" by Beth Mills
"The Changing Light" by Kathleen Meadows; "Earthen Idols" by Jim Piatt
"Maine: The Drowning of Champlain Mountain" by Laura Purdie Salas; "Grass Carp" by Amy Schmitz
"Wet Rocks" by Kelly Terwilliger; "Golden" by Pat Tompkins


Celeste Hackenberg, Sarah Lawrence MFA (2016), is a poet, animal-lover, and educator residing just north New York City. By day, she teaches and advises Borough of Manhattan Community College students at CUNY/Math Start's satellite location in Harlem. By night, she and her fiancé Dylan play with their demanding, overactive cat family of three. She is currently working on a children's book dedicated to her adorable baby niece Leah, in which she recounts the heroic survival tale of Ithaca and her progeny. Her writing projects include prose poems in the voice of a neurotic, introverted speaker making her way in the busiest U.S. city, and linked poems about a failed love story between two anthropomorphic eggs.