Fire Island National Seashore, photo by Derek Wright.

Parks and Points was created by Amy Beth and Derek Wright, Brooklyn-based writers with a great appreciation for shared public lands. Parks & Points features stories, itineraries, and experiences about national parks and other public lands, along with timely budget travel tips. We are dedicated to celebrating park spaces, particularly U.S. National Park Service sites, and to promoting domestic travel as affordable and accessible. Parks and Points also hosts an annual fall essay contest and a spring poetry series in conjunction with National Poetry Month.

Much, but not all, of Parks and Points coverage celebrates the 418 units under the auspices of the U.S. National Park Service, 60 of which are national parks.  

For our National Parks Service coverage, we strive to include all NPS units in the region when crafting an itinerary. Our itineraries provide a baseline that can be adapted based on each traveler’s pace of touring and specific interests. They include:

  • “Overview and Getting There” offers basic tips on selecting flights, cars, and hotels.
  • “Key Routes and Sites” comprehensively details our recommended point-to-point tour of the park or region.
  • “Suggested Itineraries” synthesizes the detailed tour in list form.




Derek Wright is not only a writer and avid traveler, but also a theatrical lighting designer based in New York City. Parks and Points evolved from his passion for travel, as well as his insight into traveling affordably but in style.

Amy Beth Wright is a writer and writing professor based in New York City. In addition to writing travel essays and features, she writes short fiction and autobiographical essays.




“I began to realize that because I was in deeply attentive states, hour after hour, watching animals and birds and landscapes… I began to realize that my identity depended not on any beliefs I had… but on how much attention I was paying to things that were other than myself. As you deepen this intentionality and this intention, you start to broaden and deepen your own sense of presence.”

--David Whyte


Parks and Points was created and developed by Derek and Amy Beth Wright, with logo designs by Nicholas Wright.


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